WOSA Magazine is an African music curation, review, and promotion web-based digital magazine. We prefer to think of ourselves as African music’s home page. What we do is catalog new songs released in all PAN African countries with a functioning music business, providing details for each entry.

We pick and propose the best African songs for you to listen to, and you also have the opportunity to give your thoughts on each piece of music on our site.

When the founders discovered how difficult it was for Africans, both at home and abroad, to get the greatest and most accurate new music releases from their favorite musicians, they decided to develop the platform in 2021.

We set out to create the first official center for all things related to African music.And when we say the homepage of African music, we mean it. We cover all of the major African countries with a thriving music industry, from Africa’s most famous musical export, Afrobeats, to other popular genres such as Bongo Music, Amapiano, and many More.

You may not realize it, but Afrobeats is quickly becoming the music of the future, as the genre grows wildly every year, with several Africans and non-Africans in diaspora craving and consuming new songs from the West African music industry’s most viable product, ‘Afrobeats,’ and trust us, we are totally here to make things easier for you and promote this music to many listeners around the world because that is our only goal. We have multiple music editors and curators from all of the major African countries we cover, as listed below:

WOSA MAGAZINE covers South Africa:
This country is clearly a big music power in Africa, and they surely know how to write commercially successful songs. South Africans’ unique abilities to write dance tunes will, of course, always be acknowledged, since they are pretty talented at what they do owing to outstanding music producers. We showcase and evaluate new song releases from South Africa since it is such a large business with so many genres. You can count on our finest music curators and editors to filter the best of these new music releases for you. We will of course be covering genres like Amapiano, Gqom, South African House Music, SA Hip Hop, Maskan

Nigerian and West African music are known as afrobeats.
This is the most well-known African music label on the continent and throughout the world. Afrobeats is a word developed to describe brand music from Nigeria, Ghana, the Ivory Coast, East Africa, and other African nations that contribute to the Nigerian sound and style of pop music. With many chart-topping singles in Europe and the Americas, Nigeria is the leading force in promoting African music. With tens of thousands of songs released every week, Afrobeats appears to be expanding far beyond our reach. Afrobeats is quickly becoming the new Kpop, and trust us when we say we’ll give you the best of what it has to offer, and you’ll have a great time with it.

Music from Tanzania and Kenya
Tanzanian music includes:

Tanzania’s major pop music genre is the evergreen bongo flava music, which is still the most dominant genre in South Africa today. We bring you the newest songs from top Tanzanian artists like Diamond Platnumz and others, and please expect the best and not junk, as our music curators are focused on working with several artists from this country to bring you exclusives and new music.

Kenyan Music:

Even though they are frequently confused with Bongo Music, these two countries sing in the same language, ‘Swahili,’ and their pop songs sound very similar, which is understandable given their locations. Kenya has a plethora of major stars in a variety of popular genres around the world. Kenyan musicians include R&B, Hip Hop, Afrobeats, Dancehall, and many others. You can count on our music editors to keep you up to speed on the latest releases every day.

When it comes to collecting African music, Wosamagazine is the first of its type on the continent. Based on the inventiveness of the sounds given to us and the popularity of each song, we cover all other nations. So, if you’re a fan of African music, I’m sure you’ve found your favorite spot. Bookmark our url and enjoy the best musical sensation!!!