Platform Tz -Rhumba ya beer


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  • Artist: platform
  • Track Title:Rhumba ya beer
  • Genre:Bongo flava
  • Featuring:
  • Released: 2021
  • Country:Tanzanian
  • Producer:KCB

Rhumba is yet another wonderful song that has been causing a lot of talk and going viral since it was released a few days ago. The song includes a wonderful jam that, due to its excellent vibe, will turn up the volume on stage at any time. This song has been buzzing a lot of speakers both in clubs and parties, and it is trending in Tanzania and across the country, thanks to its insane ass hit. It’s so good, danceable, exciting, and exhilarating that it’s been playing on numerous speakers in clubs and parties, and it’s currently trending in Tanzania and around the world, despite the fact that the video was only released a few hours ago.

Platform Tz is a Tanzanian Bongo flava musician and actor. He is a wonderful man who is well-known for his musical abilities, having appeared in several hit songs. He is well known for his stage name platforn tz, and he is excellent at what he does, having recorded a number of songs that have been widely distributed throughout Tanzania and Africa.

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